Breakthrough Counselling

The importance of self care

Do you remember the days when you would have a day to wash your hair, or have a girly night out with friends to relax? That is caring for yourself, and enjoying life.

If you have suffered a tragedy through some form of loss, those days just become past memories, as you tend to feel that, that was a different you, and now you are not the same. Your point is true, however, you can still find ways to self care without feeling guilty, or feeling as though you don’t deserve to be happy. Are you aware that Happiness and self care are not the same thing. They appear that way but they are not. Are you wondering what is the difference? Self Care is is looking after yourself daily, bathing, household chores, looking after family if you have them. Happiness is a state of emotion, encompassing joy.

Self Care Tips

  1. Getting out of bed

We all know the feeling that we don’t want to get out of bed. This as you know feeds your depression, and doesn’t allow you to do anything. Getting out of bed is the first tiny step. This is a sign that you want to do something different.

  1. Opening the curtains and letting in sunlight

Seeing daylight is quite helpful, as it can give you the motivation to do do something, like stand in the garden, or near the window. Sunlight is healing and can help calm the pain we feel inside.

  1. Spray your favourite perfume

Wearing your favourite perfume can help again help to soothe your pain and remind you of better times and memories, ultimately allowing you to reconnect with friends. Wearing perfume allows your other senses to take over, and change your mind frame.

  1. Showering

This can help get rid of tiredness and help you through the day. A shower or a bath leaves you feeling fresh and again helps alter the mood you are in.

How I can help

I can help you with talking through the incidences that have led you to this situation.

I offer you a place to talk where you can reach a point to making new decisions in your life.

I can help you making any transitions in your life. This could be due to a bereavement, loss of a job, self identity etc.