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Are you hiding your depression?

Are the following resonating with you?

    1. constantly feeling tired
    1. feel like you have no energy left to to do daily chores
    1. not wanting to socialise
    1. Using alcohol and substances a lot
  1. Suicidal thoughts

These are all signs of depression, which can be masked or denied. Are you stunned, surprised thinking I have everything, and I shouldn’t being this way.

Depression is a feeling which surpasses culture, religion, social status etc. We are all unique, and have different life experiences which make up us. If we are feeling depressed remember there is always as a cause and a reason. This can be childhood abuse, domestic abuse, bullying etc. It is well known that these issues can cause depression. I feel I also need to point out, that depression can hit you at any point, even after the incidences.

Have you heard the term “ the grass in greener on the other side”. This applies to us all, so if you have heard people saying that “ your life is perfect, what do you have to feel depressed about”, this is that saying. Hearing comments like that, tends to make us close of, and turn inwards, preventing us from ever confiding in anyone in fear of ridicule.  

The truth is, nobody is in your shoes, and they cannot comment. Always remember that people don’t know the true you, only you do. If you have been suffering for a long period of time, you become an expert on hiding your hurt, so no one knows.

Does this mean that you can’t tell anyone ? The answer is definitely no, below I have listed ways you can speak to someone.

Your Best Friend/Childhood Friend – confiding is best done with close friends only, who have known you your whole life, and have seen some of the things you have been through. This will them ensure that you are believed.

See your doctor – Sometimes depression may be due to a medical factor, and then they will be able to help you to understand you have a medical condition. If you  self harm, have alcohol and substance abuse addictions, are suffering from suicidal thoughts that are persistent then you need to tell your GP.

Look for help – there are now quite a lot of help available out there offering help – this could be ringing a help line, or accessing a counsellor who can offer help either face to face, Skype, telephone.

How can I help

I can offer you a place to talk, where you will be believed. I can help you find the route cause of your depression and aim to help you find a way to alter your thoughts, so you can lead a fuller life.

My services are accessible to all. I  offer counselling via telephone, face to face, skype.

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